include children that do not celebrate holidays

How To Make Children of All Backgrounds and Denominations Feel Included This Holiday Season

Christmas is such a wonderful time of the year for so many families and children. But there are many families who do not celebrate the holiday, and the children of those families often feel left out from their classmates and friends.


The joy of the holidays is something that can be shared with all children in a respectful way. You make them feel included by describing your traditions, sharing meals or sharing family/community stories without offending their cultural and/or religious traditions.


While each child and family has their own holiday traditions, it can be easy for the child to feel left out if they do not celebrate the major Christian holiday.


If you are interested in being inclusive, reach out to the child’s caregivers for permission and accept their response without judgment.


When wishing the children a great day, use the term “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas”, and make sure your children follow suit when speaking to their friends of diverse backgrounds.


Being mindful of others’ feelings promotes peace and growth.


It is a season of giving. Love, acceptance and compassion are the best gifts of all.


Let’s make sure everyone feels included this holiday season!