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Therapy From the Eyes of a Patient

I started therapy 6 months ago.


I’d switched twice in 1 year, and still did not like the job I was in. I had lost a very close family member 3 months prior, and as a young caretaker in my family, I was drowning.


Drowning in my own emotions, in the emotions of those around me, in the middle of a type of grief that I had never experienced before, and working in a very toxic environment in my workplace.


I had been looking forward to escaping for a week in the summer with a friend on vacation, and I did, it was a great week. Then came home to find myself feeling even more overwhelmed than before.


A vacation was not going to fix me or the position that i was in. It was not going to change the feelings of those around me, the people who felt that they needed me.



I called my insurance and asked what therapists in my area I could use my insurance with, (way easier to pay for this way) and found one I thought I could be comfortable with.


The following months would change my life, and my perspective of life and those around me forever.



I had to work. I read, journaled, and spent an hour every week with her working through everything I was learning and thinking about.


She has lead me through grief, through boundaries with family members, through controlling my thoughts and changing thought patterns.


I often see people who are stagnant in their own emotions and thought patterns and hope that they can also find the strength to ask for help.


My therapist has been critical to my development in the last 6 months, we are still working. I am always a work in progress, but there is no way I’d have been able to personally develop as quickly as I have without her help.


If you are feeling stagnant in your emotions, feeling stuck in your relationships, feeling overwhelmed by your life, I hope you find the strength to ask for assistance from someone who is professionally trained to help you.


mental health awareness


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–Kalin Johnson