“How can I provide a relationship which this person may use for …personal growth.”
-Carl R. Rogers

Individual Psychotherapy

Individual psychotherapy with adults and adolescents is focused on reducing the symptoms of emotional distress, facilitating behavioral modification as well as personal growth.


Individual psychotherapy with adults typically involves talk therapy and providing the person with information about their symptoms and its connection to past experiences. This information is derived from the exploration of past interactions both with family members and/or the community at large. Therapeutic techniques are matched to the needs of each person.


Individual psychotherapy with children primarily focuses on symptom reduction and behavioral modification. Psychotherapy with children is often facilitated through play therapy, which may include art, therapeutic games or role play.

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Couples Therapy

Couples therapy assists couples in reducing hurtful interactions and improving their relationship. Conflict is a natural byproduct of relationships but couples counseling insures that conflict can exist without destroying either partner or the relationship. Sessions may include teaching effective communication techniques, exploring past experiences and their impact on current behavior and deciding the future of the union.

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Family Therapy

Several concerns can affect the quality of interaction between family members. Illness, immigration, economic, and social/environmental pressure, are just a few. Family therapy explores the organization of the family structure, communication patterns and emotional distress as it impacts each family member and the family’s effort towards balance and fulfilled interactions. Therapy sessions are tailored to meet and respect cultural values and its impact on communication styles.

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Group Therapy

Group therapy is often prescribed for individuals who feel isolated or have had unique experiences. Group therapy serves to normalize experiences and support the development of interactions with others. Topics may include: women suffering from depression, men with workplace difficulties, people surviving rape etc…

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